What Should You Do If the Cutting Capacity of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Decreases?

Fiber laser cutters have wide applications in all walks of life. But after using laser cutters for a few years, many people feel that fiber laser cutters are not as capable as they used to be. So why does this happen? What is the solution? Blue Elephant Laser CNC Machinery will analyze it for you.

Reasons for the decline in cutting performance of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Focus position

The focus position affects the cutting progress. The diameter of the focal spot should be as small as possible to produce a narrow slit. If cutting performance degrades, you can adjust the focus position.

2. Auxiliary gas

The size of the auxiliary gas and gas pressure also affects the power of the fiber laser cutting machine. The auxiliary gas is compressed air or inert gas. If the cutting speed is slow, the operator should reduce the air pressure appropriately. Cutting with lower gas pressure prevents frosting of the cut edge of the workpiece.

3. The distance of the nozzle

The distance between the workpiece and the nozzle is directly related to the cutting effect. Too far away will waste energy. Too close will affect the dispersal of splattered cutting products. A generally suitable distance is 0.8mm. If the cutting speed or cutting quality decreases, the operator should check whether the distance is suitable and adjust it before use.

4. Laser power

After people use the fiber laser cutting machine for a long time, the laser power will decrease. This directly affects the performance of the cut.

In addition, improper operation, long-term load production, and long-term unmaintained maintenance will cause the performance of fiber laser cutting machine equipment to decline. If you do not pay attention to these details for a long time, the cutting effect will be reduced. To sum up, we have found the reasons for the performance degradation of the laser cutting machine. Then we can take preventive measures to avoid or slow down this problem in time.

How to slow down the descent rate of fiber laser cutters?

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine

After workers use the fiber laser cutting machine for a long time, many parts of the machine will wear out. The wear and tear of parts can affect the performance of the equipment. So maintenance is very important. For wearing parts, they should be replaced frequently. After the machine is used, workers should wipe the optics clean to keep them clean. At the same time, they should oil the bearings regularly to maintain flexibility and precision.

2. Standardize the operation of fiber laser cutting machines

The CNC laser cutter should be operated by a special person. Before the operator gets started, they should be trained by a professional. They have to learn to correctly execute each switch panel button, operate the fiber laser cutting machine correctly, and so on. The operation of professional people is not only conducive to the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine but also reduces the probability of safety accidents.

The content above includes some specific tips on how to solve the low working efficiency of fiber laser cutters. In order to make good use of the fiber laser cutting machine, it is still very important to do the above points. Therefore, in order to greatly improve the cutting efficiency, we need to have sufficient learning about the equipment.

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