What Can a CNC Laser Cutting Machine Make?

From the small things and pendants to the large frame or models. Or from the shop, home, and school to the aviation, automotive, and machinery. CNC laser cutter projects can be seen everywhere in modern life. With the high-quality laser beam, it can design and manufacture various kinds of CNC laser projects. In the following I will introduce some popular and common laser cut products and ideas for you. Hope it can give you more inspiration, especially for the laser CNC beginners.

I. Fiber Laser Cut Metals

Exquisite Jewelry

On the one hand, the price of the silver and gold is more expensive. Therefore, many people are prone to choose the cheaper metal jewelry, such as alloy necklaces, rings, and ear studs. On the other hand, the alloy has high rigidity, good ductility, and high corrosion resistance. But how to make these cheap and beautiful metal jewelry? Then the fiber laser machines come out to work. Due to the strong laser power, fast speed, and good processing effect of the fiber laser cutters, various metal jewelry are designed and made to cater to the needs of the public.

High-precision Components

Usually, the high-end fiber laser cutter can make those good-quality components that require high precision. Because the CNC fiber laser cutting machine has the features of fast cutting speed, high processing accuracy, good cutting effects, high processing stability, etc. For example, the fiber metal laser cutting machine is widely used in the parts production of automobiles, ships, aerospace, mechanical, etc.

II. CO2 Laser Cut Wood


Look around, in fact, there are many different beautiful ornaments in our home. For instance, we can see the wooden coasters, wood tableware, solid wood chairs and tables in the dining room; wood landscape, plywood maps, plywood clocks, and 3D plywood walls in the living room; wood calendars, plywood photo frames, and plywood lamps in the bedroom.

Custom Gifts

CO2 laser cutting machine can cut wood materials to make various interesting toys, such as wooden puzzle boxes, wood Rubik’s cubes, wood animal toys, wooden cars, etc. Moreover, it can also produce a lot of practical customized gifts, such as plywood desk organizers, solid wood jewelry boxes, plywood lights, wooden cups, wooden crafts, etc.

III. CO2 Laser Cut Acrylic

Advertising Boards

As we all know, of its durable performance, beautiful appearance, and cheap price, acrylic has a very wide application in our life, especially in the advertising industry. A CO2 laser cutter is suitable for cutting and engraving acrylic materials into different shapes to make various kinds of products. For example, a CO2 laser cutting engraving machine can cut big and small billboards, house number boards, door plaques, nameplates, and so on.

Decorative lamps

Today, people tend to buy decorative lamps and lights with different materials. Because lamps with different materials will have different characteristics and appearances. For example, the metal lamps or lights are heavy, and easy to rust. Moreover, they are also expensive to maintain. And the wood lamps are too light to broke. Therefore, people are prone to choose the cheaper and more practical acrylic lamps to use and decorate. The acrylic lights not only have low cost but also have a long service life and easy maintenance. There is no doubt that the CO2 laser cutter engraver for sale can realize such acrylic lamp manufacturing.

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