Precautions for Safe Operation of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutter has won the favor of customers because of its good processing effect in the metal industry. In order to better use the fiber laser cutting machine for safe production. Today, I am writing about what you should pay attention to when using a fiber laser cutting machine. Let’s learn about the detailed methods.

Check before operation

1.Check the connection of the device

Check whether the main controller, laser power supply, switching power supply, motor, exhaust fan, and other parts are well connected to the main grounding point. Poor grounding will prevent the device from working properly. High voltage discharge will damage the control circuit and even threaten life safety!

2.Check the operating environment

Before cutting, make sure that there are no people and inflammable objects around the workbench. Avoid unnecessary injury and loss caused by spark splashing during operation.

3.Check the weather

It is best not to start working during severe weather such as thunder and lightning. Doing so will prevent damage to the device.

Check during operating

1.Laser light path

Be careful not to let any part of your body touch the light path when cutting to avoid injury!

2.Working temperature

While the laser cutting machine is working, the staff should keep the surrounding temperature below 40℃. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the CNC system will increase. The fiber laser cutting machine uses distilled water as the cooling medium, so the operating environment temperature of the laser should be above 5℃. In order to make the system work well, the most suitable temperature is form 5°C to 35°C.

3.Environmental humidity

Fiber laser cutting machines require that the relative humidity of the working environment is generally less than 70%. After the machine is powered off in high humidity, water molecules in the air will cause condensation on the circuit board. When the machine works again, the condensation on the circuit board can easily cause a short circuit, thus causing the machine to malfunction

4.Power supply

The fluctuation of the power supply will cause the equipment to work unstably. Excessive voltage can cause permanent damage to the power system. To avoid burning the machine. It is recommended that customers equip the machine with a regulated power supply, especially in areas where line failures often occur.

5.Professional training

Untrained operators should not operate the machine alone. Workers must pass all training and tests before they can start work. In order to avoid damage to the equipment due to operating errors.


If any emergencies are encountered during the cutting process. Workers should stop cutting immediately or press the “emergency stop” button.

The suggestions above are the precautions for the fiber laser cutting machine summarized by experience. Orderly use can effectively avoid some problems in the use of laser cutting machines. Only in this way can the service life of some accessories be improved. At the same time, these details will increase the work efficiency. If you have any other questions, it is welcomed to directly consult Blue Elephant Laser.

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