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Open-type CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The open-type co2 laser engraving machine is a high-performance laser cutting machine designed for the cutting and engraving of non-metal materials. Due to the characteristics of high-precision and high-speed cutting, this co2 laser cutting machine can be widely used in wood, plywood, MDF , plastic, acrylic, color board, ABS, rubber, etc.,  there is no doubt that this is a very efficient helper for new beginners.

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  • Durable and high-quality accessories. The high-performance stepper motor and Taiwan Lapping guide rails are equipped, so that the laser machine can have a stable output power and precise cutting line during the cutting process.
  • With strong compatibility. optimized and upgraded control system and professional operating software, this laser cutting machine can support various formats of files including PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DSF and other formats, USB data line control means it is so easy to operate.
  • Unique parts design. In order to make the machine have higher performance, this laser cutting machine is equipped with advanced optical accessories and industrial cooling system. In addition, the thoughtful  dust-proof design of X and Y axis guarantees the stability and safety of the machine.






X,Y,Z Working Area


Laser Power

80W/100W/150W (Option)

Laser type

Sealed CO2 laser tube

Cutting speed


Working platform

Blade platform

Position accuracy


Graphic support


Cooling mode

Water cooling and protect system

Working temperature


Working humidity


Drive motor


Exhausting method

Exhaust by beam, funnel


CO2 laser cutting machine can be used in various industries such as cloth, leather, toys, computer embroidery cutting, molds, handicrafts, bamboo and wood, advertising and architectural decoration, packaging and printing, paper products and so on.

The materials that CO2 laser cutting machine can process are: acrylic, color board, ABS board, rubber, plastic, cloth toys, leather, wool, crystal, glass, ceramic tile, jade, bamboo, wood, etc.

Factory Views

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Quality Control & Testing

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