Notice of Buying Laser CNC

There are some steps for you to choose the best laser cutting machine.

First, users must first consider the materials they need to process and the scope of business needs. It includes factors such as the thickness of the material to be cut and the type of material to be cut. Then determine the power size and table size of the equipment to be purchased.

Second, choose a good laser machine manufacturer. After confirming the demand, we can go to the market to understand the performance of the laser machine. Then select several laser machine suppliers with favorable prices for preliminary communication and proofing. After that, we can conduct on-site inspections, machine prices, machine training, payment methods, after-sales service, etc. for more detailed discussions.

Third, select the size of the laser power. The laser is the core component of the cutting machine. When choosing the performance of the cutting machine, the size of the laser power is very important. This is of great help to the cost control of the enterprise.

Fourth, choose the core components of the laser machine. Some important parts of the cutting machine, we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially for laser generators, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water chillers, etc., it is necessary to distinguish whether they are domestic or imported. These components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

Fifth, the quality of equipment and the stability of use are also very important metrics. We try our best to choose brands that have a high market share, a sound after-sales service system, many after-sales service outlets, and have passed long-term market testing.

Sixth, after-sales service. In terms of after-sales service, we not only provide customers with effective daily maintenance programs but also have a professional training system for machines and laser software to help customers get started as soon as possible.

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