Fiber Laser Cutter For Sale In Australia

Blue Elephant Laser is well-known in China and even the global laser industry. We have more than 12 years of exporting experience with laser CNC machines. And we have close and in-depth cooperation with more than 8,000 companies in more than 180 countries. We also have many loyal customers in Australia. And Australian customers have a high evaluation of both our company and machines. Moreover, the repurchase rate of the Blue Elephant laser machine is very high.

Take one of our recent Australian transaction orders as an instance. About one month ago, our high-end and multi-functional 1530ST fiber laser cutting machine for sale has been sent to Australia smoothly. This fiber laser cutter is specially designed for the processing of various kinds of metal materials. Moreover, the best advantage is that it can cut metal panels and metal tubes at the same time. That means, such a metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to two fiber laser machines. And the exchange platform on it can undoubtedly double your processing efficiency.

Furthermore, as the Australian customer required, we added a protective cover to the fiber laser cutter machine. Thus, it can not only protect the safety of workers but also prevent smoke. So you will get a safe and clean work environment. Besides, in order to meet the customer’s needs of cutting a lot of stainless steel, we added a solid air compressor to the machine. And the following are the cutting sample pictures of the 1530ST fiber laser cutter for sale in Australia.



Except in Australia, our fiber laser cutting engraving machines also gain a lot of popularity in other North American countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, etc. We promise and work hard to improve our company strength and make high-standard laser machines. Only in this way can we win the trust and recognition of customers at home and abroad to develop further in the long run.

The pictures below are the high-end 1530ST fiber laser cutting machine for sale in Australia. It has now successfully arrived at the Australian customer’s factory.


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