ELECNC-380 High Speed Intelligent Computer Beam Saw for Wood Panel Cutting

It features intelligent high-speed cutting, excellent precision, high stability and easy operation. More and more panel furniture makers choose the computer beam saw for their automatic production line.It is the necessary precision panel equipment in the composite furniture manufacture and architecture decoration line


  • 1.The moving of saw can adopt gear rack driving way.
  • 2.Process flexible two fingers structure,the smallest plywood reaches 20mm(china initiate).
  • 3.China’s first computer panel saw without loading transducer,double servo control,more cutting stability.
  • 4.Simple and intuitive sawing control system,suitable for unskilled operators.
  • 5.Equipped with online fault detection device,and has automatic detect function and remote maintenance support.


Model ELECNC-380
Overall dimension 6400x6300x1800mm
Cutting length 3700mm
Cutting thickness 100mm
Main saw blade diameter 350mm
Main saw blade revolving speed 4800rpm
Groove saw blade diameter 180mm
Groove saw blade revolving speed 6900rpm
Forward speed of carriage 100m/min
Backward speed of carriage 150m/min
Main saw motor 16KW
Groove saw motor 2.2KW
Auto feeding motor 1.5kW (AC, servo)
High-press ventilating motor 2.2KW
Total power 23KW
Auto feeding speed 100m/min
Air pressure 5-7kg/cm2
Platform height 950MM
Control switch Schneider
PLC Fatek
Converter Invt
Screen Fatek
Contactor Schneider
Pneumatic elements Hengtong
Solenoid valve AirTac
Motor Igarashi
Servo control system Invt
Linear guide rail SLM


Production Facility

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Quality Control & Testing

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