Common CNC Laser Engraving Machine Problems & Solutions

During the use of a CNC laser engraving machine, you may encounter various difficulties. No matter big or small problems, you will be troubled, and it will also affect the machine processing effect. Therefore, we plan to analyze the most common laser engraving machine problems and give you some good solutions.

The First Problem: laser light problems


If there is no laser when working, you can first check whether the laser tube emits light. And if there is no light at the light outlet, check whether the water circulation is normal. If the water circulation is normal, check whether the laser power indicator light is on.

The Second Problem: stop and miss engraved


Check the grounding condition of the machine and measure whether the ground wire meets the standard. Or check whether the computer has a screen saver or power saving mode set. And then check if there are any errors in the original image. For example, the graphics are intersected, not closed, and missing strokes.

The Third Problem: Hook is not closed


Firstly, measure whether the beam is parallel. The left and right deviation should not be greater than 2MM. Secondly, check whether the tightness of the trolley belt and the beam belt is appropriate, and whether the tension of the belts on both sides is the same. When the machine is turned on, push and pull the trolley and beam by hand. And gently move the trolley head up and down to see if there is any mechanical gap.

The Fourth Problem: Different engraving depth or not deep


  1. Check whether the water flow of the water circulation system is smooth (the water pipe is bent or the water pipe is broken).
  2. Inspect if the focal length and the optical path are normal (recalibrate).
  3. Examine whether the layout paper is too thick and the amount of water is too much (re-correction).
  4. Check whether the beams are parallel (adjust the belts on both sides) and whether the lens is damaged (replace).
  5. Inspect whether the lens or the transmitter end of the laser tube is contaminated (re-cleaned).
  6. Check whether the water temperature is higher than 30℃ (replace the circulating water).
  7. Examine whether the laser head or focusing lens is loose (tighten).
  8. The laser current light intensity must reach 8mA.
  9. Laser tube aging (replacement).

The Fifth Problem: Abnormal reset


  1. Check whether the sensor is dust-covered, in poor contact or damaged (wipe the dust on the sensor or replace it).
  2. Inspect whether the soft tape data cable is in poor contact or damaged (cut off the data cable and re-plug or replace the data cable).
  3. The contact of the ground wire is unreliable or the high-voltage wire is damaged (re-ground or replace the high-voltage wire).
  4. The motor wire may be in poor contact.

The Sixth Problem: Computer can't output


  1. The software parameter settings are normal or the output serial port is inconsistent with the serial port set by the software (reset).
  2. Whether the engraving machine is started according to the positioning and then output (re-output).
  3. The ground wire is unreliable and the data wire has electrostatic interference (re-grounding).
  4. Replace the computer serial port output test.
  5. Reinstall the software and reset the test.
  6. Format the computer system disk and reinstall the software test.
  7. The serial port of the motherboard is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

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