CNC Wood Door Lock Mortiser Machine for Lock Knob Hinge Hole Making

This is one of the furniture cabinet making cnc router machines for sale. It is equipped with 4 horizontal spindles, which can swing 360°to meet various processing requirements.


  • 1. Adopts the dedicated door lock hole control system and built-in CAM software, it can realize various door lock hole processing.
  • 2. It is easy to operate and requires no professional programming personnel.
  • 3. The loading and unloading system greatly improves work efficiency.
  • 4. Four horizontal spindles can be switched freely and automatically, which can realize different processes in one operation.
  • 5. All the machines can be customized according to your own requirements.


Model ELECNCM3 Door Lock Making Machine
Working area Width: 500-1000mm; Length: 2500mm
Spindle 4 set Horizontal spindle (7.5KW+2.2KW*2), spindle can swing 360 degree horizontally, changing tools fast, can meet different processing need
2 Vertical spindle (6KW HQD Air cooling spindle)
Fuling inverter Famous brand With Resistance.
Moving speed X axis 60m/min
Y axis 60m/min
Z axis 20m/min
Motor X, Y axis 1000W servo motor, Zaxis 1000W servo motor with Brake function to protect machine head, C axis 750W servo motor
Taiwan square rail #30 XYZ axis Taiwan Famous brand square rail #30, can improve high precision, smooth transmission, fast speed, low noise, and it has 10 times longer life than normal
X, Y axis Helical rack transmission Imported 2M helical rack transmission,big loading capacity, very powerful for machine, long lifetime
Z axis Ball screw transmission 3210, Accurate precision, smooth transmission.
Control system Professional door lock control system, with CAM software, lots of door lock shape, modular operation, can adjust the size directly, suitable for all kinds of door processing
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer for XY axis
RV reducer for C axis which is usually used in Robot, Large transmission ratio range, long life, stable accuracy, high efficiency, stable transmission
Position adjustable pneumatic clamp Special wooden door pressing plate to fix the table top with high fixing precision, don’t need vacuum pump,save power.
France Schneider Electrical parts France Schneider brand with CE in good quality, long life time
Working pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Machine total power 15KW+ (Option:5.5kw Dust collector)


Production Facility

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Quality Control & Testing

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