Best Metal Laser Cutter for Sale in 2022

Looking for the best metal laser cutter to cut, engrave, or design your metal CNC projects, plans, or products? It is indeed a little difficult to choose a suitable metal laser cutting machine according to different processing requirements. But don’t worry. In the following I will make a detailed introduction and recommendation of the popular metal laser cutting machines from all aspects.

First of all, we should know that the CNC metal laser cutter is a fiber laser cutting machine specially designed for laser cut metal materials. According to different configurations, it can be divided into various types. Then, let’s take an overall look at the metal fiber laser cutter for sale.

The Best Metal Laser Cutter Recommendation

1. Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This is an entry-level fiber metal laser cutting machine that benefits laser beginners. It is mainly used to cut various kinds of metal sheets, such as stainless steel sheets, carbon steel sheets, iron sheets, alloy sheets, steel plates, aluminum panels, brass plates, etc.

It is very easy to operate and maintain. The operating process is usually automatic. You just need to learn carefully about our supplied operation manual step by step. And then touch the electronic screen to run the fiber metal laser machine. Besides, the metal laser cutter price is very favorable and affordable. Generally, the metal sheet fiber I think it is a very ideal metal CNC laser machine for businesses with limited budget but various strong-power processing requirements.

2. Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter for Sale

Distinguished from the metal sheet fiber laser machine, a metal tuber laser cutting machine is specially applied to cut metal pipes. No matter it is a round metal tube, square metal tube, T-shaped pipe, L-shaped pipe, U-shaped pipe, H-shaped pipe, or other tubes or pipes with special shapes.

It adopts the Tubepro pipe cutting system, a professional and customized pipe cutting system, which has automatic pipe centering and eccentric compensation functions. Therefore, it can better ensure the metal tube cutting accuracy and efficiency. And it is an industrial metal laser cutter widely used in various pipe processing industries such as fitness equipment, oil pipelines, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, and household appliance manufacturing. In addition, the metal tube laser cutter price usually ranges from $12,000 to $30,000. It is also a very cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine for metal tube cutting.

3. Sheet & Tube Metal Laser Cutter with Exchange Platform

It is a high-end and dual-use metal laser cutter for stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, titanium, copper, etc. Because it can both realize laser cutting of metal sheets and metal tubes, it has a higher price of $25,000-$60,000 than the sheet metal laser cutting machine or the tuber metal laser cutter for sale. However, it can save you much more time and manpower, double the work efficiency, and bring you more benefits. At the same time, it can also save you a lot of space for a two-in-one design. Moreover, we have the model ELECNC-1530FT, ELECNC-1560FT, and ELECNC-2060FT. In order to give our customers a better purchasing experience, we can also customize the machine size for you.

4. Automatic Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Loading & Unloading System

This is a customized CNC metal laser cutter added to the loading and unloading system, which can realize the full automation during the processing. At the same time, it is also equipped with an enclosed protective cover, which can not only reduce environmental pollution but also ensure the safety of the operator. In addition, it also has an exchange platform with an exchanging time of the 20s to 25s. Therefore, it greatly improves the working efficiency. Moreover, it can realize automatic focusing with the speed of 10m/min by using the laser head. So that it can reduce human interference and ensure better accuracy.

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