Furniture Cabinet Making CNC Machine with Wood Cutting Saws

This furniture cabinet making cnc router machine is equipped with high speed cnc wood cutting saws for cutting, dividing or sizing on panel wood, solid wood, hard wood, soft wood, plywood, MDF, laminate, etc., high performance and affordable, all the machines can be customized according to your own requirements.


  • 1. All 3 axes adopt the ball screw transmission mode, which ensures excellent precision and high speed.
  • 2. With carousel tool magazine, it can realize complete processes by changing tools automatically, and reduce non-production time.
  • 3. The guide bar and positioning cylinder facilitate the positioning of the plate.
  • 4. Vacuum worktable is divided into 6 zones, with strong absorption ability.
  • 5. Rotary device is allowed to be installed on the machine working table.


Items Parameter
Model ELECNC-1325ATC
Working area 1300*2500*200
Spindle HQD 9KW air cooling spindle
Spindle speed 24000RPM
Motor and drive 1KW Taiwan SYNTEC servo motor and driver
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC 6CB
Inverter 11kw Hpmont invert
Table structure heavy duty T-structure
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Voltage 380V/50HZ 3P


Production Facility

Blue Elephant CNC Factory View
Blue Elephant CNC Router Machine Factory View

Quality Control & Testing

CNC Machine Quality Control Detail Image
CNC Machine Quality Control Images

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