Buy 3 Axis CNC Router Machine + Rotary Axis in America, Britain, China

3 Axis CNC router machine with a rotary axis device is a popular woodworking cnc machine, it designed for processing complicated Cylindrical work pieces and 3D works. It can be used in some furniture industry, such as making stair railings, table and chair legs, Roman columns, etc.


  • 1. Designed with rotary device, it can process the cylinder wood carving patterns, furniture legs, escalators, etc.
  • 2. With the heavy duty thicker and bigger welded steel tube frame, it makes the machine work more stably.
  • 3. Adopting DSP control system and servo motor driver system, which ensure the machine with a longer service life.
  • 4. All accessories and parameters can be selected and customized according to the user’s processing requirements.


Model ELECNC-1325
Effective Working area 1300x2500x200mm (optional)
Spindle HSD Air Cooling spindle
Transmission Helical rack gear for X, Y axis, Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z travel
Motor and drive Stepper motor FL118 model and YAKO 2811 bigger driver
Control system DSP B18
Inverter Taiwan Delta inverter
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Software system Artcam
Pump 5.5KW Water circulation
Lubrication Auto Lubrication system
Voltage 380V/60HZ


Production Facility

Blue Elephant CNC Factory View
Blue Elephant CNC Router Machine Factory View

Quality Control & Testing

CNC Machine Quality Control Detail Image
CNC Machine Quality Control Images

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