4 Axis CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer and Detachable Bed

This ATC CNC ROUTER is reliable, stable and not easy to deform. Because it is equipped with high-quality components, this CNC ROUTER can work for a long time, with high precision and high efficiency. The HSD 4 axis ATC spindle is equipped so that this machine can handle complex wood processing needs.


  • 1. The vacuum worktable is made of high-density materials and has a large suction force, which can easily accommodate workpieces of various sizes.
  • 2. The intelligent control system is simple, convenient and easy to learn. Users can quickly and flexibly master the use of the equipment with strong independence.
  • 3. The frame adopts the gantry column structure, and the machine parts are produced and assembled with extremely high precision to ensure the high performance and stability of the machine, excellent quality and tolerance.


Serial Number




Working area



ATC HQD air cooling spindle


Fuling inverter

Tool magazine

Linear Automatic tool change with 8 tools

Control system

Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system

Motor and driver

Leadshine servo motor and servo driver

Working Table

T-slot and vacuum table

Lubrication system

New type Automatic lubrication system


380V, 3phase, 50HZ(customized)

Vacuum pump

Water circulation vacuum pump

Cooling system

Auto oil sprayer mist system

X,Y,Z Transmission

 X,Y-helical rack pinion,Z ball screw

Dust collector

Double bags dust collector

 Tool sensor

Automatic tool sensor


Production Facility

Blue Elephant CNC Factory View
Blue Elephant CNC Router Machine Factory View

Quality Control & Testing

CNC Machine Quality Control Detail Image
CNC Machine Quality Control Images

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