2022 Top 7 Wood Laser Cutting Projects Ideas

Laser cut wooden lamps

Laser cut and engrave MDF lamps are very popular products. Whereas it may take hours or even a few days to manufacture with traditional manufacturing methods, laser cutting machines really made short work of it. Moreover, the shape and design of the wooden lamps will be smooth and creative. Except for the above nonmetal, you can also choose other non-metal materials like acrylic, plywood, and so on. It will not only improve your production efficiency but also save you a lot of costs.

Laser cut bamboo bookmarks

Bamboo is known to be resistant to corrosion and tough. Therefore, it is the best suitable material to make unique bookmarks. These custom personalized bookmarks can be cut and engraved by a CNC laser cutting machine with name tags and unique designs.

Laser cut wooden signs

Wooden signs or logos made by a laser cutter for sale can be perfectly placed in offices, stores, companies, etc., to show their brand. Or they can also be placed on the bathroom door, kitchen door, etc., to make a prompt. For instance, we can put gender role signs on bathroom doors with a laser cutter. An excellent laser cutter machine is ideal for making such kinds of wooden signs.

Laser cut wood packaging

In fact, packing has many functions. In addition to protecting the product, good and creative packaging can also promote brands and attract customers to buy. How to easily design and make packaging? A CNC laser cutter machine can help you cut the MDF or birch boards into several different pieces to make a good packing box. Moreover, you can also laser engrave it with your company logo or name tags. It is very convenient to DIY your exclusive packaging.

Laser cut home decorations

All the following home decorations are implemented by a laser cutter for sale. For example, the concise plywood clock on the wall of the the living room, the wooden picture frame on the bedside table in a bedroom, cute cartoon acrylic ornaments on the dining table, etc.

Laser cut fashion jewelry

Are you looking to materialize the design you have in mind? A laser cutter machine can do it. You can cut and engrave figures accurately in wood, acrylic, or crystal. And we will make it a reality because a laser cutting machine is ideal for manufacturing fashion jewelry allowing you to produce in series such as laser cutting complexly layered bracelets, cartoon character earrings, and so on. At the same time, it can also laser cut drawer organizer to conveniently place your laser-cut jewellery.

Laser cut toys & games

Laser cutting technology can realize good ideas become true, such as personalized games, ideal gifts, 3D models, spectacular figurines for board games, wargaming, fantasy games, and so on. Here I will take some of them for instance. Are your kids or children of relatives fans of some movies? The TIE Interceptor in Star Wars can be mounted just with glue and a few sheets of laser-cut wood. And you can also paint it any color you like. Besides, laser cut 3D puzzle is not only interesting to play but also a good learning tool.


Using laser cutting technology, you can turn many ideas into reality. And it will also save you a lot of labor, cost, and time. Except for the above laser cutting ideas, there are also other excellent laser cut project designs. Looking forward to coming and sharing with us. We can provide you with the best suitable laser machines to make them come true.

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